Fruit Pocket

Pears and plums... I don't know what this is called though I know that there are people baking this. I call this Fruit Pocket. 

Fruit Pocket

Pears pitted and cubed
Plums pitted and cubed
A dash of cinnamon 
A tablespoonful of brown sugar
Puff pastry
Egg yolk for colour

1. Mix together the cubed pears and plums with cinnamon and brown sugar.
2. Roll the puff pastry.
3. Pour the fruit mixture on top of the rolled puff pastry.
4. Envelope the fruit mixture. Trim its end with fork.
5. Brush the egg yolk on top and make a small slit with a knife.
6. Bake in the oven until it turns golden and crispy.
7. Devour this with ice-cream.


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