Rainbow cake

This cake doesn't use butter at all but coconut milk. It's very easy to prepare and the taste is worth the time spent in baking it. The original recipe calls it Zebra cake. Since this one doesn't resemble a zebra stripe and I have altered the recipe a bit by adding orange, chocolate and strawberry flavours, the name is not suitable anymore.

5 eggs (250 grams)
150 grams coconut milk (cooked) - I used canned coconut milk and poured it straightaway from the can
200 grams fine granulated sugar
150 grams cake flour
1/4 teaspoon vanilin (Since I don't have vanillin, I used vanilla essence instead)
Red colour and strawberry emulco
Orange emulco
Chocolate emulco

1. Whisk whole eggs, sugar, vanillin at high speed for 15 minutes.
2. The at slow speed add in the flour and cooked coconut milk.
3. Divide the batter into 3 portions and colour according to your preference. (The original Zebra cake recipe asks for chocolate, orange and yellow colours).
4. Pour the batter into a lined, greased and floured 8" round tin, starting with 3 tablespoons of yellow followed by red and chocolate. Repeat the process until batter is used up.
5. Bake at 180˚C for 40-45 minutes.

Source: Zebra Cake, 2010. The Joy of Baking. Bake With Yen Sdn. Bhd.


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