Love vs. Apology...

 Love means always being willing to say you're sorry.
                                                  -Martha Beck, The Oprah Magazine-

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I read about an interesting article that can help spark your relationships with someone, be the person your other half, friends, relatives et cetera, entitled "Always Apologize, Always Explain" by Martha Beck here. The article is a good one. It tells us why we need to apologize and when is the best time to apologize which is "...the moment you realize you've done something wrong" (p2).

There are 4 ways of apologizing:
"1. Full acknowledgment of the offense.
 2. An explanation
 3. Genuine expression of remorse.
 4. Reparations for damage." (p3).

When we have asked for an apology (really mean it), we should feel good about ourselves because Lazare describes an apology as, "an act of honesty, an act of humility, an act of commitment, an act of generosity, and an act of courage."  and Anne Lamott refers to it as "giving up all hope of having had a different past." (p4).

If you want to know more, read this. I remember the old English adage: Let bygones be bygones which means to forget something bad that someone has done to you and forgive him/her.

But what if you can forgive and can never forget, or you can forgive but when the matter is mentioned again, you keep on remembering...?

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